Anderson Brickler Gallery continues to support community efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Gallery visits are by appointment only on Wednesdays from 11am -3 pm and on Saturdays from 2-5 pm.
Special requests will also be considered. Contact us by email at

Spring and summer are on the way: little shoots of green are peeping out of the ground in many places and in Tallahassee it is getting warm. Garden flowers are on their way! What a relief after the winter we had in the USA. In a few months, many of us will be swimming outside and commenting about the heat and humidity. Children will need activities to stay mentally stimulated, and grandchildren will be visiting grandparents and need something to do other than play with their cellphones. Adults will want to stretch their legs as the weather becomes more congenial, thus encouraging more outside-of-the-home excursions. Did we mention that spring and summer are great times to visit Anderson Brickler Gallery?

The Candace Allen exhibit of digital art: CandiiKismet: A Dream in Color will be on display through May 14, 2022. Our summer exhibit will be announced.

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