Anderson Brickler Gallery is currently closed in deference to community efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Gallery visits are by appointment only.
Special requests will also be considered.

Summer is a good time for family gatherings and some community celebrations, including Juneteenth, and Independence Day. Celebrate joyfully and be safe!

Phase II of COVID-19 PAGES launches on June 21, adding youth artists to our virtual exhibition in collaboration with Wells International Foundation.  Our participants from Florida/Georgia include:

Gadsden Art Center and Museum, John G. Riley Center and Museum, Refuge House WOKE Program, Suki and Amaya Home School, Thomasville Center for the Arts, and White Harvest Farms/ Clara White Mission, Inc.

Anderson Brickler Gallery staff is also eagerly anticipating and preparing for our fall exhibition of artist Eluster Richardson: “Quilts, Lives and Legacies,” featuring paintings of quilts made by his mother.

Does your family have a quilt that is treasured? We would love to see it and hear the story behind it. Please e-mail a high-resolution picture of your quilt to us at so that we can include it and your story on our website or social media accounts or our gallery bulletin board! 

Anderson Brickler Gallery thanks you for your continued support as we serve our greater Tallahassee community through art enrichment and exposure. Join with us in this exciting venture by becoming part of our team of support: click here for more information.

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(Anderson Brickler Gallery is a globally inclusive and community-centered art gallery focusing on art created by persons of the African diaspora. Located in South Tallahassee, ABG has partnered with local community organizations and art centers such as COCA, the Riley Museum, the Gadsden Arts Center and Museum and other community affiliates, including the students and faculty members of FAMU, FSU, and TCC, to bring more fine art and cultural experiences to North Florida.)


COVID-19 PAGES: The Influence & Inspiration of Women Virtual Exhibition – Phase II
Jun 21 – Sep 30 all-day
COVID-19 PAGES: The Influence & Inspiration of Women Virtual Exhibition - Phase II

COVID-19 PAGES: The Influence & Inspiration of Women

The Wells International Foundation (WIF), the Anderson Brickler Gallery (ABG), and the Thinking CAP: Collaborative ART Projects (CAP) are pleased to announce our upcoming online art exhibition entitled COVID-19 PAGES: The Influence & Inspiration of Women.

This virtual exhibition presents a remarkable and exclusive opportunity for practicing women artists, as well as women and girls from schools and community programs, to express a creative vision that celebrates the essential work of women during the COVID-19 pandemic. The theme, “The Influence and Inspiration of Women,” is conceived to inspire creativity through visual arts as well as stimulate thoughtful discussion about women in leadership and inspirational roles who are making a positive difference locally, nationally, and globally in all sectors of the economy.

Through artworks, COVID-19 PAGES will present a global perspective on what mothers, wives, teachers, nurses, doctors and other healthcare workers, politicians, police chiefs, small business owners, corporate employees, organizers of community service programs, and more are doing and how they are feeling during the pandemic, wherever they are in the world.

The PAGES are tangible hands-on expressions created as a global collaboration through art to emphasize the work these women do to alleviate the urgent health and social-economic challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis. The exhibition will share “art in action” ideas to acknowledge and inspire underserved communities during this stressful time. The focus on women who are at the forefront of the global crisis is a salute to their outstanding leadership and community service as they address the needs of people around the world.

Phase I of the project will showcase contributions by professional women artists.  These women are often marginalized regarding their access to exhibition space and underpaid for their work relative to their male counterparts. COVID-19 PAGES will provide a singular opportunity for them to expose their work as part of the reckoning of this unprecedented historic event.

Phase II participants will consist of nonprofessional artists from schools, youth groups, eldercare facilities, and community organizations.  These women and girls will draw inspiration from the works submitted for Phase I to create drawings, paintings, photos, and collages that will help them release the emotional and mental trauma of the pandemic through art therapy and positive learning through the arts.

The launch for Phase I is scheduled for Women’s History Month (March) 2021.  The launch for Phase II is scheduled for June 2021.


Fall Exhibition @ Anderson Brickler Gallery
Oct 9 @ 10:00 am – Dec 29 @ 5:00 pm

Featuring paintings by Eluster Richardson.