Dr. Celeste B. Hart

Dr. Celeste B. Hart, MD
Anderson Brickler Gallery

Kabuya Bowens-Saffo

Kabuya P. Bowens-Saffo, MFA
Art Administrations-Chief Curator
Anderson Brickler Gallery


Anderson Brickler Gallery is a space for art in south Tallahassee, Florida. The gallery features fine art editions and works on paper by Modern, Post-War and Contemporary artists with a focus on African diasporan artists. We will feature exhibits by master artists of board reputation and will also serve as a creative space that promotes the work of local established and emerging artists through a program of exhibits, arts education and research.


Campus and Community Collaborations

Photos: Community public school and university students visit Anderson Brickler Gallery. (1) FAMU student visit AUTUMN exhibition to complete Art Appreciation course assignment. (2) FSU BFA student photograph her painting at Anderson Brickler Gallery for thesis exhibition (3) University students visit FSU BFA graduates student exhibition (4) Rickards High School students and art teachers Jeff Distefano and Andy Steinbrink created outdoor kinetic sculpture “WAGING PEACE” with chief curator Kabuya P. Bowens-Saffo (5) Professor Aja Roache from Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University lectures students during the “Black Odyssey” exhibition series by Romare Bearden (6) Dr. Celeste Hart shares lecture on the “Black Odyssey” series by Romare Bearden with community guests. (7) Rickards High School student viewing one of the prints from the “Black Odyssey” series by Romare Bearden. (8-11) Photos of FSU-BFA art students planning the installation of art works for exhibition at Anderson Brickler Gallery.

Anderson Brickler Gallery Campus & Community Collaborations

  • Across Town Community Partnerships and Collaborative Research: John Gilmore Riley Museum, Founder-Director: Althemese Barnes
  • Artist in Residence Program
  • FAMU, FSU, and TCC Creative Research Projects
  • FAMU, FSU, and TCC Student Internships
  • K-12 Educational Enrichment Programs
  • Thinking CAP: Art & STEM Projects

ABG Exhibitions: 2017-2019 (SEASONAL EXHIBITIONS)

Michael Hunnewell art

Rhythm Interpretations

Michael Hunnewell

February – March 2020

Florida State University 2019 Fall Graduates exhibit


FSU BFA Thesis Exhibition

November – December 2019

2019 autumn exhibit


ABG Private Collections

August – November 2019

art by women

Art by Women

Allen, Davis, Givens, Mitchell, Romanik

March – April 2019

hidden rituals exhibit

Hidden Rituals

ABG Artist in Residence
Cory Williams

June – July 2019

James Weldon Johnson

Floridians in the Harlem Renaissance

In Collaboration with
John G. Riley Museum

March – May 2019

Ken Falana art

Ken Falana, Six Decades

December 2018 – February 2019

sweetgrass baskets

Making Do, Gullah Geechee

In collaboration with
John G. Riley Museum

August – November 2018

Leon Hicks engraving

Leon Hicks

A Master Engraver

February – April 2018

Romare Bearden

In collaboration with
Romare Bearden Foundation

October – December 2017

shed murals

ABG – Shed Mural


We commissioned our artist in residence Cory Williams to create this mural that adorns our storage building.

shed murals

ABG – Shed Mural


We commissioned artists Sarah Painter and her assistant to create this mural that adorns our storage building.


May 2019
Primitive Performance & The Cultural Archive
Lecture: Cocoa M. Williams is a PhD candidate at Florida State University
African American Literary Cultural Studies and American Modernism and Black Diasporic Modernism

April 2019
FAMU WRITE ON, ABG Exhibition Research on Art, Science & History
Educational Enrichment: Fine Artist Ken Falana and Field Biologist Margaret S. Collins
University students write essay competition.
FAMU Dean Jennifer Collins, PhD, and FAMU Professor Richard Gragg III, PhD, Environmental Science.

Sept. 2018
Gullah Architecture: A language of Intercultural Processes
Lecture: Professor LaVerne Wells-Bowie, Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University School of Architecture

Oct., 2018
Historical Perspectives on Rice & Culture
Lecture: Dr. Celeste B. Hart, MD. Founder-Director of Anderson Brickler Gallery

Nov. 2018
A Journey through Tallahassee: Frenchtown, Smokey Hollow, Bond and All Saints
Lecture: Mrs. Althemese Barnes, Founder-Director of John Gilmore Riley Center Museum

Dec. 2018
Ken Falana: Six Decades
Educational Enrichment: Anderson Brickler Gallery publish book on the artist work with scholarly introduction.
“Verve and Gravitas in the Art of Kenneth Falana” by Allys Palladino Craig, PhD. Founder-Director, FSU-MOFA.
Book available at ABG Gift Shop: 80 pages.

May 2018
WAGING PEACE, ABG & CAP: Collaborative Art Project
Kabuya P. Bowens-Saffo, Founder, THINKING CAP. Projects Curator-Designer of Kinetic Sculpture. Art & Science Concepts.
Educational Enrichment Workshop: Rickards High School students.
Exhibition/Catalog (63 pages): Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts
Viki D. Thompson Wylder, PhD, FSU Curator of Education


  • Feb. 2020, Mike Hunnewell, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • March 2019, Kelly Mitchell, Rhode Island School of Design
  • June 2018, Cory Williams, Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University
  • June 2018, Sarah Painter, Florida State University