Spring-Summer 2023 exhibit

If you haven’t already stopped by, do plan to visit our Spring-Summer 2023 exhibit, Spirits Known and Unknown. The show, which takes its name from the 1970 debut album by vocalist Leon Thomas, explores the trans-Atlantic flow of artistic movements between Africa, Europe and the America’s. We’ve included abstract expressionists, surrealists, neo-realists and some genre defying work you’ll just have to contemplate and decide on for yourselves. We’ve set aside a special room for a collection of Dogon and Senofu masks and statuary that were bequeathed by noted artist, art historian and arts educator, Samella Lewis to our own artist-in-residence, Paul A. Houzell.

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The gallery hours are Wednesdays 11am to 3pm and Saturdays 2 pm to 5pm. For additional information, email us 
at contact@andersonbricklergallery.com.

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